News Release – September 2023

News Releases / September 25, 2023

Well, Howdy Folks, here’s hoping your Summer’s been wonderful and you’re enjoying our beautiful fall and all its glorious colors. We can’t wait to welcome you back to the pasture at Cow Patti cause its time for another fantastic season of Home-Grown Hospitality, Hometown Humour and Homestyle Cookin’. Both Shows in our 27th Season of […]

Over $27,000 Donated to Local Charities

News Releases,Uncategorized / September 25, 2023

Well, howdy there, folks! Cow Patti Theatre down in Lacombe, Alberta, ain’t just about the laughs and good grub. We’ve got hearts as big as the prairie sky. Recently, we donated over $27,000 to local charities, right from the heart of our Benefit Program. Since ’96, we’ve been raisin’ cash for the community, and have […]

New Release – January 2023

News Releases,Uncategorized / January 23, 2023

2022 gave The Cow Patti Theatre Company many blessings, after the 2 1/2 years of turmoil we opened Hurry Hard by Kristen DaSilva on November 18th – which resulted in our biggest hit in our 26 years of producing Live Professional Comedy Theatre. Our comfortable and inviting new theatre space in Lacombe County, at The […]

New Release / Update – October 2022

News Releases,Uncategorized / October 5, 2022

Both Shows in Cow Patti’s 26th Season of Live Professional Comedy “Grub” Theatre are Western Canadian Premieres-Both are penned by award winning Canadian Playwrights, and both shows are staged and take place in small town Alberta! Though there’s been 2 1/2 years of uncertainty, we’ve weathered the storms and have “moo-ved” forward in continuing to produce high […]

New Release / Update – January 2022

News Releases,Uncategorized / February 7, 2022

Reserve Your Tickets to Jonas & Barry in the Home

New Release / Update – January 2022

News Releases,Uncategorized / January 6, 2022

Reserve Your Tickets to Jonas & Barry in the Home

Cow Patti Post 2nd Edition

It’s Time to Laugh Again! On March 12th, 2020, we opened Lunenburg to a sold-out crowd, and we were wll on our way to enjoying a 30-show run of Norm Foster’s brilliant new play: Lunenburg. Eight shows later we had to turn down the lights and our theatre became dark. But a glimmer of light […]