Announcing Cow Patti’s 28th Season

Comedy Dinner Theatre

Happy Summer Everyone! 

It seems like it was yesterday that we were closing our very successful 27th Season with Drinking Alone by Norm Foster and here I sit prepping this Announcement Release with our 2024/25 Season. Time flies when we are having fun

Over the last few months, I have read many plays with you, my audience, in mind. What is it that you want from Cow Patti in the season to come? The answer to that was very easy, you want to be entertained alongside a happy belly full of delicious homestyle grub! Thinking about the entertainment factor, I needed to find scripts with characters and stories you will be invested in and there’s no better playwright that delivers that than Norm Foster.


Opening November 14 and running till December 15, 2024

So, for our first offering of the season The Long Weekend by master playwright Norm Foster. Norm wrote this play 30 years ago and it  has been produced worldwide since 1994. Cow Patti actually produced The Long Weekend14 years ago! So why this show? It is truly a classic comedy that deals with characters that we all know and love to hate! There is no huge lesson to be learned… and no one is facing grave life altering decisions it is purely…  

A riotously funny play about two married couples and a few weekend getaways that gets hilariously twisted with secrets and desires. We get the fun of looking in the windows of their lives and enjoy the pure mirth in this dysfunctional comedy of bad manners.  As the secrets come spilling out so will the belly aches from nonstop laughter!. The Long Weekend is a hilarious tangled web of truths, deception and surprises that leaves the audience guessing and wondering - is the grass always greener on the other side.



Over our 28-year history we have produced many farces, Boeing Boeing, Don’t Dress for Dinner, Who’s Under Where?, Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii and as with our first show of the upcoming season we also produced Perfect Wedding by Robin Hawdon 13 years ago. There is a style of theatre we call farce, and the dictionary describes farce in the following:

farce/färs/ noun

  1. a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay, typically including entertaining characterization in ludicrously improbable situations. A slapstick broad comedy with masterful  choreographed confusion. 

The Big Day Gone Hilariously Wrong  when the groom awakes to find a strange girl in bed beside him - what's more he has no idea who she is. Its hysterical chaos when the monster bride arrives which leaves the strange girl trapped in the bathroom, the best man agreeing to be her boyfriend, the Brides mother ridiculously naïve and the chambermaid pretending to be everyone’s girlfriend.  Disaster for them- fun for us!

So why am I bringing back two shows that we have previously done? Because they proved to be crowd favorites and two shows that really built up our following in Cow Patti’s early years. Looking back since 2011 our audiences have quadrupled in capacity, so we are very excited to introduce these comedies to all our friends that haven’t seen these shows and a chance for our early day patrons to revisit these hilarious theatre offerings.

I mentioned early that the other factor in our success is making sure our patrons have a happy belly with yummy homestyle cooking, well that part of the equation was easy, a meeting with HT Catering, where we discussed the buffet menus for the 28th Season. Expect to find all your mouth watering favorites, with a few new entrées to tempt your taste buds.

In regard to programming, we are sticking with our tried and true. Pricing this season will remain the same, we realize we are all conscientious about our pocketbooks and we are continuing to offer up solid professional theatre and amazing buffets with very competitive pricing. 

Scheduling of shows will remain the same as last season. Discounted Senior Buffet Matinees on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. Benefit Brunch Buffet Matinees on all Saturdays. Regular Sunday Buffets. Beef and Bird Dinner Theatre Buffets on Friday and Saturday Nights, and Your Choice Thursdays will continue with Afternoon Senior Buffets and Evening Taco and Fajita Buffets. With all Thursday shows during the season you can choose the full meal deal or just take in the performance.

Very near and dear to my heart is our Benefit Program which will bring countless individuals - a voice, means and a way to bring joy to their lives. Every Saturday Brunch matinee will be a benefit performance to ensure this joy. Our Benefit Performances this season will be for Kasota East Camp, The Lacombe Legion, Grandma Link Africa, The Golden Circle Resource Centre, The Optimist Club of Blackfalds and the Rocky Mountain House Museum. In total we have nine benefit shows. Last season we raised over $50,000 and our goal is to bring that total to an even higher number.

Christmas Parties are already booking in during The Long Weekend, a great way to gather the “Herd” and let us take care of the entertaining! As well, Gift Certificates are available for all those special occasions...cause there is no better sight than their look of delight as they unwrap a turd and become a part of the Herd!  

It’s going to be a Bumper Crop Season of Laughs during our 75 plus shows in our 28th Season of Comedy Grub Theatre Season that I guarantee will deliver wild fun, fiasco, and laughter! 

Tickets go on sale July 1, 2024 - visit www.cowpatti.com or call our Box Office at 403 304 6329 or 403 396 3515 or contact us by email.

Yours in Laughter,

AnnaMarie Lea
Head Cow - CPTC