News Release – September 2023


Well, Howdy Folks, here’s hoping your Summer’s been wonderful and you’re enjoying our beautiful fall and all its glorious colors. We can’t wait to welcome you back to the pasture at Cow Patti cause its time for another fantastic season of Home-Grown Hospitality, Hometown Humour and Homestyle Cookin’.

Both Shows in our 27th Season of Live, Professional “Grub” Theatre are penned by Canada’s own award winning, most produced Canadian Playwright and recipient of the Order of Canada - Mr. Norm Foster. The first show: Danny and Delilah, is a Western Canadian Premiere and the second, Drinking Alone is a Norm Foster Comedy Classic written in 1998.

When I asked Norm how he felt about Cow Patti producing a complete Foster Season and the two shows we have slated in, Norm said, and I quote:

I feel overwhelmed with flattery. I like these two plays, there is nothing wrong with the playwright liking his or her own work I wouldn't have written them if I didn't think they were going to be good.

In regard to my writing style, I think it's changed over the last 25 years, at least I hope it's a little more refined. Smarter. If I didn't learn something after 25 years of writing I would be extremely disappointed in myself.

Both shows center around a two Canadian Families. 

Western Canadian Premiere of Danny & Delilah by Norm Foster

Danny and Delilah are focused more on the characters, the people. I'm still trying to make people laugh but with a bigger heart.”

Drinking Alone is focused on Comedy. As the wonderful Donald O’Connor said in Singing in the Rain: “Make em’ laugh ! Make em’ laugh!                                  

Perhaps the biggest difference between these two plays is the character of Delilah. I was venturing outside of my comfort zone in writing her. She is a young woman from Pakistan. A teenager. This was a challenge. I would hate to make a misstep with one of the plays central characters, but I guess. But I must let you, the audience, be the judge of that. Wait Did I just encourage an audience to judge me? I think I did. Well, have at it, folks. But please be gentle.

Danny and Delilah

A quick synopsis of our first show of the Season: 

Meet Danny: a grumpy old Maple Leaf Fan, Sherry: his grown daughter still living at home but desperately looking for love, Delila: a high school student about to graduate and needing a place to stay and Muriel: the next-door neighbor vying for some sexy shenanigans with Danny. The outcome? A generational and cultural connection which offers an eye-opening engaging experience resulting in an abundance of laugh out loud and heart-warming moments.

Meet The Cast of Danny and Delilah

Peter Cormican will be joining us for the first time and we are very thrilled he will be on the Cow Patti Stage. Peter is joining us all the way from New York City to play the Lead- Danny, in Danny and Delilah by Norm Foster…. “From Broadway to Cow Patti” pretty darn exciting. Peter, though Canadian, has lived in New York City for 20 plus years. He starred in the original production of Phantom of the Opera and later went on tour with the London Company at Her Majesty’s Theatre With the “Buddy Holly Story” he toured 19 cities across the UK and Ireland.. He is a permanent member of the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York which includes 13 productions to date. 

Taran Bamrah is also joining the Herd for the first time. This past March she played Delilah in the World Premiere of: Danny and Delilah at the Foster Festival in Ontario. Other credits include, Perdita in Winters Tale, Norma Jeane in Norma Jeane Baker of Troy. Greyson, in the revival of Boy who Cried, at the Toronto Film Festival. Additionally, Taran has showcased her writing skills in Amy’s Projects, The Breath Between. Currently she works at the Drama School at Youngs People Theatre in Toronto. 

Brianne Tucker is on a cross country trek right now performing notable theatres throughout Canada and will be hitching up with Cow Patti in Danny and Delilah. Playing Danny’s daughter Sherry. Recent productions include Honour Beat at New West Theatre, Salt Baby and Boeing Boeing  at the Magnus Theatre, BentBoy at YPT Theatre where she was a Dora nominee For all those Handmaid’s Tale fans you can see Breanne in a reoccurring role. You can also enjoy  a good audio books with Brianne’ including Indigenous Writes, Tyendinaga Tales & A Tidy Armageddon

Susan Greenfield, Our audiences at Cow Patti will be thrilled to see Susan back on the Cow Patti Boards as Muriel in Danny and Delilah. Last season Susan had our audiences in stiches with her role in our smash hit - Hurry Hard by Kristen DiSilva. Susan has been not only a fan favorite but is also an amazing friend of the Cow Patti Family. She has starred in past CPTC shows such as, Boeing-Boeing, Cemetery Club, Perfect Wedding, Odd Couple (female version), Wally’s Café, Christmas Express and Don’t Dress for Dinner – to name but a few. Susan also has been an integral part of the Standardization Program with the Medical Board of Canada for the past 15 Years.

What else does our 27th Season have in store?

This season, HT Catering will once again take care of the “Grub” and guaranteed, the Buffets will be stunning. All of your regular favorites and some delicious new entrees to keep things exciting. New this season, on all of our Thursday Evenings we will offer up Taco and Fajita Buffets that will tempt your tastebuds, including desserts at a pocketbook friendly price point!

Our 27th Season offers you, “The Price is Right”,  the most competitive price point for Professional Dinner Theatre in Western Canada! Starting at $37 and up to $87! We do need to disclose the one condition pertaining to our Buffets. If you don’t where loose-fitting clothing, we are not responsible for any uncomfortable moments. 

During our first show Danny and Delilah by Norm Foster we will be performing 5 Benefit Shows in conjunction with our Benefit Program which was established in 1996, to date the Cow Patti Theatre Company has raised over 650,000.00 and we are set to break the $7000,000.00 mark this season. …that’s a lot of Cow Patties. Our Benefits during Danny and Delilah are as follows:

Spend a Saturday afternoon with us or a Thursday Evening in support of these wonderful Non-Profit Organizations who are so passionate about giving back to our communities.

We extend a warm invitation to all the fine folks across Alberta to join us down Milton Road for an afternoon or evening of Delectable Buffets and the finest entertaining live Professional Comedy Theatre.. 

Better Grab you tickets now and help us raise the Barn cause our Wild and Wacky Theatre Family is about to “Spin a Yarn.”