News Release – Spring 2024

WE RAISED $34,150.00


Sunday Afternoon, March 24th we took our final bow with our 27th Season. It was a grand season with so many delightful things that took place, but I am going to focus on our Benefit Program, that has been helping folks in our Communities for the past 27 years. Together, we  performed with open hearts and willing souls for: Kasota East Camp, The Lending Cupboard, The Lacombe Performing Arts Center, The Rocky Mountain House Museum. The Golden Circle Seniors Resource Center, The Lacombe Legion, Lacombe KIDSPORT,  and Grama Link Africa. 

What a treat it is for us folks at Cow Patti to use the tool of Professional Theatre to enhance the needs and platforms of these very deserving groups and organizations. 

We would like to thank each and every audience member for joining us during our 27th Season. It was a huge success and proof again, with the record-breaking crowds, with the laughter, the applause, and the comments we received back that Live Theatre is Alive and Well in Our Neck of the Woods!

Many thanks as well to Norm Foster, our in-house playwright for the 2023/24 Season, the Directors, Casts, Crews, HT Catering and all our wonderful Volunteers and Billets. There are may “Front Lines” in bringing this level of success to our stage and without all of you - it just wouldn’t happen.

I am already busy planning our Canadian Professional Comedy Dinner Theatre’s 28th Season, which we will, fittingly announce - Canada Day, July 1, 2024. Stay tuned, www.cowpatti.com because its going to be a Fabulously Funny Season.

If you have an interest in joining our Benefit Program please Email AnnaMarie Lea or Louise Dean at lacombecowpatti@gmail.com. Slots are already filling up!

Until then, again many thanks for your support and have a wonderful sunny summer.


Yours in Laughter,

AnnaMarie Lea
Head Cow - The Cow Patti Theatre Company