Raise a Toast to “Drinking Alone” – A Night of Laughter!

Get ready for a barrel of laughs as Cow Patti Theatre Company presents Norm Foster's "Drinking Alone." This uproarious comedy promises an unforgettable evening of family dynamics, unexpected twists, and side-splitting moments.

Now, let's shine the spotlight on the incredible cast and crew who will bring this comedy extravaganza to life. The Head Cow herself, AnnaMarie Frances Lea, takes the stage as 'Renee,' adding her seasoned touch to the production. Joining her is the dazzling Linda Goranson, a star with experiences from Toronto to Los Angeles, portraying the charming character of Phyllis. Alison MacKay, the talented actress from Duncan, BC, steps into the role of Carrie, promising a performance that will have you in stitches. Matthew Olver, hailing from the U.K., is set to rustle up some laughs as Joe, while the wild ride of Billy Vickers as Ivan completes this stellar cast.

Embarking on the uproarious journey of "Drinking Alone," this exceptional cast and crew bring a wealth of theatrical experiences, including fascinating encounters with distinguished personalities. From delightful moments with John Travolta, John Ratzenburger, and the legendary Mr. Dressup, each member contributes to the production's star-studded charm. Linda Goranson, who has graced the city lights with her dance, shares anecdotes of performing alongside the incomparable Philip Seymour Hoffman. Alison MacKay, not only a twin to Howie Mandel but also an acquaintance of the illustrious Taylor Swift, brings her unique flair to the stage. Matthew Olver, with his thespian journey, once stood side by side with the esteemed Billy Dee Williams. Born in the front seat of a moving car, Billy Vickers vividly recalls the enchanting performances of Maggie Smith during three consecutive nights at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, England, back in 1984.

As the laughter echoes under the Cow Patti lights, the stage manager, Caaryn Sadoway, ensures a seamless production, and Louise Dean, our Front of House Manager, creates a welcoming atmosphere for every guest. Donnie Bowes, the Maestro of Laughter as the Director, orchestrates the comedic symphony, while Tom Lea, our Technical Director known as "Pops," fine-tunes the technical marvels behind the scenes. With their expert touch, the excitement builds for a night that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

In the heart of Alberta, where the mountains meet the prairies, "Drinking Alone" will unfold its comedic charm. Don't miss this chance to cash in those gift certificates and join us for a night of theatrical magic. Saddle up, book your tickets, and let the countdown to a rootin'-tootin' good time begin!