Cow Patti Post 2nd Edition

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It's Time to Laugh Again!

On March 12th, 2020, we opened Lunenburg to a sold-out crowd, and we were wll on our way to enjoying a 30-show run of Norm Foster's brilliant new play: Lunenburg. Eight shows later we had to turn down the lights and our theatre became dark. But a glimmer of light has appeared and on November 14, 2020, in a new safe and socially distance theatre, we are bringing the stage lights back up on Norm Foster's comedy Lunenburg and we could not be more excited 'cause there is "No Business like Show Business!"

Due to continued restrictions, we have implemented changes to ensure our productions can all be presented within Alberta Health Service (AHS) Guidelines and Canadian Actors Equity Association (CAEA) Guidelines while still maintaining our commitment to deliver an exceptional dinner theatre experience. The new Table Floor Plan will keep the 2 meter social distance needed between actors and tables which will allow us an 80 person maximum with a cap of 6 people per table. We will be requiring that our patrons wear masks entering and leaving the theatre and moving in the space. Because of our limited seating space we are encouraging people that will be attending to invite friends and family in their cohorts to join them for an afternoon or evening with Cow Patti to best fill the tables to use the space as proficient as possible. On our website www.cowpatti.com you will find more detailed guidelines on how we plan to keep you safe.

For all of our patrons that chose a credit from their Lunenburg booking in the March/April 2020 time slot, we have attached a credit information document via the button below so you can rebook your afternoon or evening in Lunenburg. It's time to laugh again so we're "moooo"ving forward and we can't wait to have you all join us in raising the barn on our 25th "SEASON WITHIN REASON" OF COMEDY GRUB THEATRE!