Cow Patti 2021/2022 Credit Information

Well 20 months into this Pandemic the theatre world is coming back to life and we at Cow Patti are thrilled to be taking the stage again with our 2021- 2022 Line Up of Comedy Theatre. First and foremost, we appreciate you taking a credit because it really saved our bacon and it is because of you, in part, that we can reopen the gates to our 25th Season of Professional Dinner Theatre.

For all Credit holders, please note that all price points for the different theatre options this coming season are different then last season.

Our price points this year are $75, $65, and $55, opposed to last years $47 and $30.

All credits are in a dollar value – so as example, let’s say you have a credit for two $47 tickets, you then have, in essence, a $94 dollar credit. So, when you choose your afternoon of evening with Cow Patti’s 20/21 Season that dollar amount will be applied to your new reservation.

Or you might have a credit from the original production of Lunenburg March/ April 2020, where the pricing was higher than our 2021-2022 pricing, again your credit is a dollar figure value so for example if you have a credit for 2 Dinner Theatre tickets worth $156.00 you can apply that to the any show in the 21/22 Season

Please note that Credits may not be used for our Benefit Shows.

We realize that booking in for our 2021-2022 Season with our patrons who have credits will take some extra thought and time, but we are so happy to be bringing… Homegrown “Safe” Hospitality, Downhome Humor and Homestyle Cooking… to all of our incredible patrons!

A huge thank you for your patience and continued support of our theatre. It’s Time to Laugh Again!