What a time it has been and for all the negative, (which I am glad I have remained - covid speaking) I have watched and listened to so much positive. I’ve watched people be kinder and gentler, I’ve watched children playing outside, I’ve watched my belly get rounder, which was the result of watching beautiful bread rising in my oven or watching my cinnamon rolls being devoured with glee by my husband. I, of course, didn’t sit down and enjoy one with him because “I’m watching my weight” - though I left the knife in the pan for a little slice I would have later,… all day.

I’ve also listened more, through phoning and zooming – I’ve listened to my 4 children from afar, I’ve also been listening to my patrons, fellow actors, business associates and friends as we all have moved through these unprecedented times. As an actor one of the most important skills, we need, is to be able to listen, just to listen. Well, I have been doing a lot of listening these past 14 months and I’ve heard a lot in people’s voices. I’ve heard worry and frustration but consistently I too have heard the sweet sound of resilience and hope. I have also enjoyed listening to my patron’s chat, with anticipated excitement, about coming back to Cow Patti where they will gather with friends and family - to eat drink and be merry. Well, I “herd” you all and I am so excited and happy to be bringing the lights back up on the Cow Patti Stage. I can’t wait for our audiences to enjoy our comedy live theatre and I can’t wait to hear the laughter in the crowds and feel the warmth of the stage.

I am so proud of our Benefit Program and though we had a real bad crop last season I am determined to make Cow Patti’s 2021/22 Benefit Program our most boisterous and exciting one in our 25-year history. I am approaching all the different folks and organizations that we have done Benefits for since coming back to Alberta in 2010 and extend an invitation join us for an afternoon or evening where we celebrate and raise awareness and funds for all your wonderful community driven causes - here in Alberta and around the world. Not only do I look forward to helping “play it forward” financially but I look forward to gathering with you all again in a space where there will be joy, down home humor, home cooked heaven (that will make us all rounder) and much dazzling stage light after all the dark we’ve all been living through.

Its going to be a unique year for Cow Patti in that we are expanding the season to three shows and a country Shin Dig Concert. Also, we are MOVING PASTURES to the country for our third and fourth show of the season. The first two shows will be at The Lacombe Golf and Country Club and the third and fourth show will be at the new Tin Roof Event Center in the country, just off Milton Road. We have defiantly come full circle, because it was 25 years ago where Cow Patti staged its first show at the Westling Hall on Milton Road!

The second unique factor is our change of menu’s, we have started working with HT Catering - Hank and Tamara and their team have created some amazing unique feasts and spreads for our 21/22 Season. Everything from their Pig Roasts to AAA Prime Rib to Turkey Snietzels to Carnival Eats Nights and our one-of-a-kind Cow Patti Cheesecake in a Jar…… (which is gonna look like shit and tastes like Heaven!)

I am so looking forward to “Raising the Barn” on our 25th Season. My promise to all is that we will fill your bellies with warm yummy food, help you laugh your worries away and gather in a safe happy place where we will all “Play a Part” in “Playing if Forward“.

Yours in Laughter,

2021/2022 Cow Patti Benefit Theatre Dates

So, what do you need to do to sign up for your Benefits…?

  • Look at the dates I have allocated for our 2021/2022 Season of Benefits and pick your two top preferred dates between the first three Shows in the 21/22 Season.
  • Some of our Benefits sign up for two Benefits per season, which is awesome, just allocate which shows you would like the two Benefits in and again pick your two top dates for each show.
  • Choose your Menu from our Four new Menus offered! So even though all our Benefits are for Saturday Afternoons, which has normally been a Brunch Buffett, you are able to choose one of the other 3 Menus if you prefer. Please note that the Carnival Eats Menu will only be available during our first show of the season - Sugar Road to tie in with the Carnival Theme of the play.
  • The Price on all the Benefits is $65 straight across the board which includes GST and $10 per ticket will be played forward to your group from Cow Patti as well as our Plop Drops (50/50).
  • As far as House Sizing, pre covid we were able to sell 150 tickets for our Benefits at the Lacombe Golf and Country Club. When we tried to remount in November of 2020 and February of 2021, we had to adjust the seating to accommodate only 80 Persons. We are hoping by November we will be back to our norm of 150 seats In our new location at the Tin Roof Event Center, we will be able to seat 165 persons. Only time will tell, and we will keep a close eye on the lifting of Restrictions as we “mooo-ve” forward and we will keep everyone informed to numbers we can sell. When tickets go on sale July 1st our plan right now is to sell at capacity.
  • To help us get back on financial track, we are not going to provide tickets this season for your Benefits. You can make your own or approach Strand Media and I know they would be happy to help you with this. We will still be signing contracts and it will be the responsibility of the Benefits to sell 100 tickets to receive all the full Benefit perks. As well, we will need a list of people, names and contact phone numbers to create an assigned floorplan and to keep things organized for our Front of House Staff.
  • Some of our Benefits prefer an evening Benefit, if this is the case, we will open Thursday nights with the production of Sugar Road and Thursday and Friday Nights for production dates for the second and third Show.
  • In the next few weeks, I will be contacting you or please call me sooner if you wish with any questions, concerns or your Benefit Booking Dates at 403 304 6329 or email at theatre@cowpatti.com